Stargate: Towards DynamoDB Compatibility for Cassandra (Part I)

Cassandra v.s. DynamoDB

Cassandra and DynamoDB are two popular NoSQL databases inspired by Google’s BigTable and Amazon’s Dynamo papers. They have many similarities but I think it is more useful to look at some of their biggest differences:

  1. Cassandra is completely free, while DynamoDB is commercial. As a free product, Cassandra can be deployed either on-premise or in the cloud (private, public, or hybrid). For enterprise users, companies like DataStax have cloud offerings and enterprise support for Cassandra. In contrast, despite having a free-tier service, DynamoDB is a commercial and proprietary product, meaning that you have a vendor lock-in problem once you decide to use it. That is, you can only use DynamoDB in AWS but not in your private cloud or any other public cloud. You don’t have much choice if you begin to feel unsatisfied with the pricing or service because the migration cost would be too high.
  2. Apache Cassandra is open-source, while Amazon DynamoDB is closed-source. The advantages of open-source products have been widely discussed so I’ll save you some time here. From my personal experience, the biggest advantage of open-source is the ability to make tailor-made changes, and the biggest disadvantage of closed-source is the black-box nature of system behavior — there are always things that are not documented.
  3. Cassandra enforces schema while DynamoDB is schemaless. Schemaless might be convenient and flexible for developers, but developers often still need to have some sort of schema on the application side for software engineering reasons.
  4. Both databases have their own query languages. Cassandra uses Cassandra Query Language (CQL), which is a variant of SQL, while DynamoDB (low-level API) uses JSON as a request payload.

How Stargate provides DynamoDB compatibility

It is difficult for users that are already using and/or are familiar with DynamoDB to switch to Cassandra, so why don’t we make Cassandra compatible with DynamoDB? Wouldn’t it be nice for users to be able to switch from DynamoDB to Cassandra without having to change a single line of their existing codebase if they want to? Bingo! That’s what our project is for. Basically, we leverage a third framework called “Stargate” to build a middleware for Cassandra that is compatible with DynamoDB.

Stargate Architecture

What does a query workflow look like

We didn’t want users to have to change a single line of code when switching to Cassandra. But wait a minute…how is that ever possible given Cassandra and DynamoDB have different client libraries? The answer is simple: DynamoDB clients talk to DynamoDB servers in HTTP protocol.

Sequence Diagram for PutItem API



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Boxuan Li

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